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Policies & Rights

Cancellation Policy

Community Care City of Kawartha Lakes is committed to providing affordable, accessible and timely service to as many clients as possible. Last-minute cancellations, or "no-shows", by an individual scheduled to receive service impacts the agency and other clients who could be waiting. 

The agency has cancellation policies for certain fee-based services where 

pre-registration has taken place, including Specialized Transportation, 

Volunteer Driver Transportation, Adult Day Program, In-Home Respite, Meals on Wheels and Diners Clubs. 

Generally, the following cancellation policy applies: 

There will be no charge to a client: 

  1. If a service is cancelled more than 24 hours in advance of the start of the booking or service;

  2. If a client cancels a service at any time due to ill health, incapacity, hospitalization or bad weather;

  3. If in the case of transportation provision, the hospital, doctor's office or other service provider to whom the client was travelling cancels the appointment;

  4. If the agency cancels the service for reasons such as inclement weather.   

 There will be a charge for part or all of the service cost applied:

  1. If a service is cancelled with less than 24 hours notice and there is non-medical or weather-related reason;

  2. If a client is not home at the time a home-based service is to be provided or a ride is scheduled for pick up;

  3. If a client cancels the service "at the door" or is a "no-show" for pre-booked service.  

Please check with the office to confirm the specific cancellation fee for the individual services. 

Regular cancellations of three or more requests for service for no acceptable reason will result in a care plan review, including possible suspensions of access to future fee-based service.

Clients' co-operation in letting the agency know when a service that was booked is no longer needed will be helpful.

For more information, contact Community Care at 705-324-7323.   


Personal Health Information

At Community Care City of Kawartha Lakes, we are committed to protecting clients' personal health information. Our policies and procedures are reviewed for compliance with the Personal Health Information Protection Act (PHIPA) and we implement information managementpractices that protect clients' privacy. We collect and use clients' personal health information in order to provide them with the best care possible. Clients will be made aware of the purposes of collection, use and disclosure of their personal health information. At any time, they may provide the agency with direction regarding disclosure. 

If clients have any questions about CCCKL's information practices or wishes to obtain access to, or update personal information that is maintained about them, they may contact the agency's Privacy Officer: 


Privacy Officer

108 Angeline St. S., Lindsay ON K9V 3L5

705-324-7323 ext 157


If a client is unsatisfied with a response received from the Privacy Officer, 


Ontario's Information and Privacy Commissioner: 

2 Bloor St. E., Suite 1400

Toronto, ON M4W 1A8


Client Bill of Rights

Community Care City of Kawartha Lakes  believes, supports and promotes the rights of clients and will ensure that they are free to exercise their rights in an atmosphere that is free of pressure, control, punishment and discrimination.  

Each client's rights are: 

  • To be treated in a manner that is free from mental, physical or financial abuse. 

  • To be treated in a manner that respects privacy, dignity and supports  independence.

  • To be treated in a manner that recognizes individuality, responds sensitively to individual needs and preferences, and respects cultural, ethnic and spiritual values. 

  • To be informed about the services provided, including the right to request access to personal records.

  • To give or refuse consent to the provision of any Community Care service. 

  • To participate with service provider(s) in determining needs, in deciding how to provide services, and in any reviews or revisions. 

  • To raise concerns, recommend changes and appeal any decisions related to the services received without fear of unfair treatment or being forced to agree to an action unwillingly. Clients are encouraged to direct any concern or appeal to the appropriate program manager or supervisor, and they may choose to pursue any concern or appeal to the level of the CEO, the Board Chairperson or the appropriate government ministry. 

  • To have personal and service information kept confidential.