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Community Care's Hospice Services division offers a range of grief and bereavement support programs that are designed to help "ease the journey" after the death of a loved one. Grief support is offered through individual and group programs and is available to children, youth and adults.

Our grief support includes a range of grief group supports for all ages and different types of loss, as well as individual support. 


Shoppers Drug Mart Foundation Helps Residents Cope with Infant Loss 

Support from the Shoppers Drug Mart Foundation will help Community Care's Grief Support services in developing a new Coping With Infant Loss program. The Foundation's $5,000 donation comes through Shoppers' local community involvement program and the Putting Women's Health First funding stream. 0152-15-Love.You.-logo-header-394x75_SE.png

As an extension to existing grief programs that Community Care offers through Hospice Services, Coping With Infant Loss will be designed to help parents with the intense feelings following the unexpected and shocking loss of a pregnancy or a baby's life. 

"Losing a baby in any way is one of the most difficult experiences that a family will ever endure," said Ryan Alexander, Manager of Community Care's Hospice Services. "Parents need a professional with expertise in perinatal bereavement. Complicated grief occurs in a large portion of such bereavement cases. That's where our Coping With Infant Loss program will be of help." 

"It is an honour and privilege for Shoppers Drug Mart to support women's health programming, and Community Care in delivering these local services to benefit women," said Lisa Gibbs, Director of Community Investment with SDM. 

The Coping With Infant Loss program will allow participants to receive support through monthly group sessions. One-to-one support will also be available. Organizers hope that the program will help parents experience change in feelings of hopelessness, pain and their overall mental and physical wellbeing. 

Find out about the Shoppers Drug Mart Life Foundation here.   


Watch our Grief Support Video

Community Care believes that no one should have to grieve alone if they wish not to. In this video, clients, volunteers and staff talk about the value of Community Care's Hospice Services grief support programs. Click Here to learn more. 


Hospice staff and extensively trained volunteers are always prepared to assist you and your family following the death of a loved one. Professional grief counselling and therapy are also available through the Palliative Care Community Team


A Hospice client comments: 

"After my son died I felt this unavoidable hole in my life. Hospice taught me to face the things I wanted to avoid. They gave me a reason to leave the house each day and six months later I feel stronger and better able to move forward with my life - which doesn't mean forgetting my son." 


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